Original Design Manufacturer

ODM(Original Design Manufacturer)

ODM mainly refer to brand owners do not participate the designing and producing of their products directly, who authorize manufacturers to complete these, then buy out /( do not buy out) the products with low price and attaching their own trademarks. So, Manufacturers are responsible for the designing and development of new products with the core technologies they possess. 

LGE with innovative attitude and decades of experience, will provide our partners with broad design and engineering expertise, and help our partners to bring more of products safety to market cheaper, and with better quality. ​

ODM main feature :

Manufacturers possess core technologies; Brand owners control marketing channel of products.

Manufacturers provide manpower, site and facility needed for production.

Reducing the investment cost and risk ,and constantly improving product competitiveness for the sake of realizing partner's benefits maximized ​


ODM Classification of Cooperation Approach :

Buy out:
Brand owner buy out the design of a existing product from manufacturer, or brand owner individually require manufacturer to design product for them. It is forbidden that ODM manufacturer sell the related products to other customers without brand owner's authorization or permission.

DO Not Buy Out:
Brand owner Do Not buy out the design of a product, ODM manufacturer can sell the design of the same type of product to other brand owners.
When two or three brands are sharing the same design, the main distinction is appearance.