The 30th Brazil International Exhibition of Power and Electronic Components

The 30th Brazil International Exhibition of Power and Electronic Components

Exhibition Information
Exhibition Name: 30th Brazil International Power and Electronic Components Exhibition
Exhibition period: July 23rd to July 26th, 2019
Exhibition location: Sao Paulo International Exhibition Center

Exhibition Introduction
The 30th Brazil International Exhibition of Power and Electronic Components (FIEE) will be held from July 23rd to 26th, 2019 at the S ã o Paulo International Exhibition Center, making it one of the most important industrial exhibitions in South America. The Brazil International Power and Electronic Components Exhibition, jointly organized by Alcantara Machado and Reed Exhibitions, is the largest and most internationally influential professional exhibition in the fields of power, electronics, energy, and industrial automation in Latin America. The exhibition is held every two years and has received strong support from eight professional associations, including the Brazilian Power Electronics Industry Association (ABINEE). It has been successfully held for 28 sessions. The exhibition organization is standardized and has strong international influence, making it the leading exhibition in the industry in South America. 

This exhibition provides exhibitors with an ideal platform to meet buyers and decision-makers from various fields in the industry and the retail industry, seeking solutions for power, electronics, electrical and automation. The knowledge dissemination and technical debate activities conducted among industry professionals are rich and colorful, becoming the biggest highlight of the exhibition. It is an excellent place to expand new business, promote brands and products. 

The scale of the previous exhibition: 400 exhibitors, 55000 visitors, and an exhibition area of 30000 square meters.

Exhibition scope
(1) Power plant equipment, substation equipment, transmission and distribution equipment, and engineering installation supporting products, cables, power electronic connecting devices, connecting materials, insulation materials, power generation equipment, generator sets and other related equipment, power grid automation technology and equipment, power measurement and automatic control systems, uninterruptible power supplies, nuclear reactors, steam boilers, steam turbines, and other energy generation systems, accessories, components, testing and measurement technologies, instruments and related products in the power field.
(2) High and low voltage electrical appliances, transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, power capacitors, high and low voltage switches, voltage regulators, frequency converters, rectifiers, relays, contactors, circuit breakers, reactors, lightning arresters, arc suppression coils, overhead lines;
(3) Various electronic components, electromechanical components, diodes, transistors, electronic chips, crystals, memory, processors, integrated circuits, connectors, switches, cables, inductors, resistors, capacitors, transformers, microwave components, magnetic materials, embedded systems, display products, power supplies, batteries, PCBs, ED/EDA and detection technologies, packaging systems, smart cards, microsystems, testing and measuring instruments, electronic manufacturing equipment;
(4) Industrial control products and system control, automation process control systems, low-voltage electrical appliances, sensors, switching power supplies, wiring terminals, soft starters, nanotechnology and robotics technology, laser, optical and fiber optic technology, etc.
(5) Lighting engineering and equipment, lamps, light sources, and building electrical; Energy industry related products, energy security equipment, energy-saving technologies and equipment, renewable energy development and utilization, solar heating equipment and systems.

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