Luguang Electronics participates in the 2020 Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition

Luguang Electronics participates in the 2020 Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition

The annual Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition is in full swing

The Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition is one of the most important professional electronics exhibitions of the year to date

As a Double High New Original Factory specializing in semiconductor separated components for 18 years

How could it be without the presence of our Luguang Electronics

The editor will take you through the scene of this event from the first perspective

↑↑↑ High definition large picture of the male god army ↑↑↑

------------------------------------------------------------Exhibition site------------------------------------------------------------

Our boss, Mr. Zhu, personally led a team for this exhibition

Bringing professional products such as diodes, transistors, power semiconductor modules, bridge rectifiers, and power devices to the exhibition

Rich product range, professional customer answers, and excellent product quality

Attracting a crowd of visitors to watch


In fact, every exhibition presents a great challenge to the professional knowledge and physical fitness of on-site staff

The editor once participated as a staff member at the exhibition site and personally experienced the difficulties involved

During the period from opening in the morning to closing in the afternoon, we are always receiving the audience and answering questions

Sometimes taking the time to drink water is a small luxury

During the idle period of the exhibition

Mr. Zhu also visited Borui (Shanghai) Law Firm as a representative of the Shandong Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen for work visits

The entire trip to Shanghai is fully booked

However, through our efforts, we can enable audiences to gain more product knowledge

These are all things that our team is proud of and proud of

Also give a thumbs up to the male god army of Lu Guang Electronics

Luguang Electronics Exhibits at the 2023 Shanghai Munich Electronics Exhibition