Luguang Electronics Exhibits at the 2023 Shanghai Munich Electronics Exhibition

Luguang Electronics Exhibits at the 2023 Shanghai Munich Electronics Exhibition

On July 11, 2023, LGE participated in the Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)! The attendees for this exhibition are personally led by Mr. Zhu Ligui, Chairman of Luguang!

The 2023 Munich Shanghai Exhibition aims to create a professional exhibition platform spanning the upstream and downstream industries from product design to application implementation, with an exhibition area of 100000 square meters! The exhibition gathered more than 1600 high-quality electronic enterprises at home and abroad, covering new energy vehicles, smart cars, green energy, smart factories, Internet of Things+, smart wearables, industrial Internet, wireless communications, data centers, smart homes, etc. From July 11th to 13th, according to statistics, the exhibition attracted nearly 70000 visitors in just these two days!


LGE, founded in 2002, focuses on the research and development and production of power semiconductor discrete devices. The company is a high-tech enterprise with over 60 patents and complete system certifications such as IS9001, ISO14001, IATF16949. It has a chip research and development team in Taiwan; The company's main products include SKY, FRED, TVS, ZENER, STD, SiC, MOS, IGBT, etc., with nearly 10000 best-selling products widely used in various fields such as automotive electronics, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage, power supply, home appliances, smart homes, green lighting, communication, medical equipment, industrial control equipment, instruments and meters, security, drones, rail transit, IT, etc; Our market covers over 100 countries and regions, and we are committed to becoming a globally renowned semiconductor brand


The main focus of this LGE exhibition is to promote third-generation semiconductor products such as silicon carbide SiC series and IGBT. The exhibition hall attracts a continuous stream of visitors who come to inquire about products. The exhibition hall is bustling and lively. We also prepared many small gifts on site to commemorate everyone's visit. Our professional sales team provided enthusiastic explanations one by one, and many customers reached cooperation intentions and signed orders on the spot in the exhibition hall.


Multiple "Innovation Forums" held simultaneously with the exhibition are exciting and diverse! With the theme of popular applications such as automobile, 5G+industrial Internet, Internet of Things, medical electronics, and popular technologies such as embedded systems, connectors and harnesses, industry leaders, technical experts, and research scholars from the electronic industry, application fields, and scientific research institutes answered questions for the audience, shared production cases, provided advanced technical solutions, and looked forward to the future development trend of the industry; With the theme of "Smart Quest for E-Planet, Creating a Future of Leading Core", senior executives of enterprises will be interviewed through video live broadcasts in the live broadcast room, focusing on topics such as the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, and consumer electronics, to share new industry trends, product technologies, and innovative solutions with everyone!


Participating in this exhibition~LGE has gained a lot, and the theme of "smart manufacturing with chips" in the LGE exhibition hall is also in line with the theme of "creating the future of chips" at the exhibition. Originating from semiconductors, creating a new life~ In the days to come, LGE will uphold the spirit of craftsmanship and strive for excellence, providing customers with the most reliable semiconductor power discrete devices, and becoming a globally renowned semiconductor brand!

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