Electronica 2018 Munich Electronics Show, Germany

Electronica 2018 Munich Electronics Show, Germany

[Exhibition Name] 2018 International Electronic Components Exhibition
[Exhibition Time] November 13-16, 2018
【 Exhibition Location 】 Fairground trade center, Munich, Germany

About the Munich Exhibition
The Munich International Electronic Components Expo (Electronica), founded in 1964, has become a top event in the global electronics industry after 50 years of healthy development. Every two years, elites from the global electronics industry gather in Munich to discuss the development of the global electronics industry over the past two years and the future of the electronics market. At that time, well-known electronic companies from all over the world will launch their latest achievements; And a large number of professional viewers will not only linger on the dazzling release of new products and technologies, but also search for their favorite customers and sign cooperation agreements.

Review of previous exhibitions
During the 2016 exhibition, 13 exhibition halls were opened, with a total exhibition area of 143000 square meters. 2913 companies from 50 countries and regions participated, of which 59% came from overseas, and received over 73451 professional visitors. Both exhibitors and audiences expressed satisfaction with the results of the Electronica exhibition. The survey shows that the most attractive factors for Electronica are the comprehensive range of products and services exhibited, the leading position of the exhibition in the electronics industry, the invitation of industry heavyweight figures to participate in the exhibition, and the international nature of exhibitors.

Company Exhibition Information
The leaders of Luguang Electronics Company, together with technical backbone and business elites, will attend the exhibition. At the site, there will be professional knowledge explanations and introductions from Luguang Electronics about diodes and transistors. Luguang Electronics is a dual high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, and sales of semiconductor discrete devices. Its products mainly focus on TVS, voltage regulator, Schottky, rectifier, fast recovery and other semiconductor power devices, and tens of thousands of product specifications have been developed. Among them, transient voltage suppression diodes and low-power Schottky diodes are at a high level in the industry. The on-site exhibition is in full swing, and we look forward to your visit!

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