2019 American Microwave Technology Exhibition (IMS 2019)

2019 American Microwave Technology Exhibition (IMS 2019)

Exhibition Information
Exhibition Name: 2019 American Microwave Technology Exhibition (IMS 2019)
Exhibition period: June 4th to June 6th, 2019
Meeting time: June 2nd to June 7th, 2019
Exhibition location: Boston, USA
Booth number: 462

Exhibition Introduction
The American Microwave Technology Exhibition is known as a major gathering place for RF and microwave professionals worldwide, as well as the birthplace of new academic research and technological products in the microwave field. The microwave seminar held during the same period of the exhibition was organized by the Microwave Theory and Technology Branch of the International Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The exhibition will be held simultaneously with the RF Integrated Circuit Symposium (RFIC) and the RF Microwave Testing and Measurement Technology Seminar (ARFTG). Here, you will discover excellent product design concepts and ideas from around the world; Here, you will find the answer to your own product development direction; Here, you will gain the attention of customers from all over the world and excellent business opportunities.

Introduction of the organizer
IEEE is an international association of electronic technology and information science engineers. It is one of the largest professional technical organizations on the Internet (number of members). It has 360000 members from 175 countries (up to 2005). It was founded on January 1, 1963. Headquartered in New York City, USA. IEEE has over 300 local chapters in over 150 countries. At present, the number of members is 360000, and it has 35 professional associations and two federations.

Exhibition scope
Microwave active components: amplifiers, mixers, microwave switches, oscillator components;
Microwave passive components: RF connectors, isolators, circulators, filters, duplexers, antennas, connectors;
Microwave components: resistors, capacitors, transistors, field-effect transistors, electronic tubes, integrated circuits;
Communication microwave equipment: related supporting and auxiliary products such as mobile communication, spread spectrum microwave, microwave point-to-point, paging, etc;
Microwave materials: microwave absorbing materials, microwave components, wireless and other related electronic materials;
Instruments and meters: various specialized instruments and meters for the microwave industry, microwave optical equipment, etc;
Microwave energy equipment: microwave heaters, testing instruments, etc;
RF equipment: equipment transceivers, card readers, etc;

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