2018 Hong Kong Autumn Electronic Exhibition

2018 Hong Kong Autumn Electronic Exhibition

The Hong Kong International Autumn Electronic Products Exhibition is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and is the largest electronic products exhibition in Asia. This autumn electronic exhibition will be held simultaneously with the International Component and Production Technology Expo. The Hong Kong Autumn Electronic Products Exhibition of the Hong Kong Trade Council is an industry exhibition event and a great platform for exhibitors to connect with global business. A variety of electronic products, including wearable electronic products, 3D printing, connected home, unmanned control technology, audiovisual products, branded electronics, environmental protection and energy conservation, i-World, packaging and design, navigation systems, innovative inventions, telecommunications equipment and testing and certification services, are all available.

The Hong Kong Autumn Electronic Products Exhibition and the International Electronic Components and Production Technology Exhibition will be held simultaneously at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 13 to 16, 2018. The two exhibitions will gather approximately 4200 global exhibitors to form a global electronic product trading platform, showcasing various intelligent technologies, start-up products, cutting-edge electronic components and technologies to buyers from all over the world.

The "Hong Kong Autumn Electronic Products Exhibition" (Autumn Electronics Exhibition), organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC), has entered its 38th session this year, while the "International Electronic Components and Production Technology Exhibition" is jointly organized by TDC and Munich International Expo Asia Limited, and this year is the 22nd session. In 2016, the two exhibitions attracted nearly 86000 buyers from approximately 150 countries and regions to visit and purchase.

Exhibition scope of the 2018 Hong Kong Electronics Show:

1. Electronic Products Exhibition - Audiovisual consumer products, automotive electronics and navigation systems, I-World, computers and peripherals, digital imaging, electronic accessories, personal electronic products, household appliances, electronic games, electronic healthcare, office automation, security products, telecommunications, and commercial services.

2. Component Exhibition - Component Exhibition Area: Various electronic components and accessories, components, electronic materials, electronic equipment, motors, sensors, instruments, optical instruments and tools.

Exhibition Hall Arrangement for the 2018 Autumn Hong Kong Electronics Exhibition:

Hall 3BCDEFG: Audiovisual Products, Automotive Electronics and Navigation Systems, Computers and Peripheral Products, Digital Imaging Products, Personal Electronics, Home Appliances, Electronic Gaming Products, Electronic Health Products, Office Automation and Equipment, Security Products, and Telecommunications Products Area

Hall 5BCDE: Electronic Parts Product Area

5E: i-World (mobile peripheral products), wearable electronic products, personal electronic products

Conference Hall and Front Hall (CH): Intelligent Technology, Aerial Camera and Drone, Robot Zone, VR, Maker Zone, 3D Printing

Hall 1 Brand Gallery (Hall-1ABCDE): Digital Entertainment, Electronic Boutique, Home Technology, Power Equipment and Accessories, Wireless and Communication Area

At present, the LGE brand's split type semiconductor components have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Germany, Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. Through this exhibition exchange, LGE will continue to explore and continuously innovate technology, strengthen communication and understanding with customers, and work together to win a larger market.

2018 Hong Kong Autumn Electronic Products Fair

Time: October 13-16, 2018

Location: Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth: 5G-D34

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