2018 China International Consumer Electronics Expo (SINOCES)

2018 China International Consumer Electronics Expo (SINOCES)

The 2018 China International Consumer Electronics Expo (SINOCES), as the only international consumer electronics exhibition approved by the State Council, is an annual event jointly organized by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the People's Government of Shandong Province, and the Consumer Electronics Association of the United States (CEA). SINOCES is the only professional consumer electronics exhibition in the Asia Pacific region certified and recommended by the governments of China and the United States. After nine years of professional operation, it has become the largest, most specialized, and most widely influential consumer electronics exhibition in the Asia Pacific region.

The 2018 China International Consumer Electronics Expo (SINOCES) will be held from July 20th to 23rd, 2018 at the Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the only international consumer electronics exhibition approved by the State Council, SINOCES has developed into a new engine for promoting innovative development in the consumer electronics industry after 16 years of successful operation. The theme of this exhibition is "Creating and Enjoying the World of IoT", which brings together global innovative smart technologies and cutting-edge development models to experience the smart life of the future IoT era. The exhibition covers an area of 24000 square meters and has 967 standard booths. 130 buyers from 36 countries and regions, including Russia, the United States, Germany, India, Pakistan, Spain, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, etc., attended the exhibition to discuss procurement. This exhibition aims to drive industrial development and transformation through high-tech, empower and upgrade industries with an international strategy, and innovate diversified exhibition modes, opening up a new pattern of professional exhibitions. Compared with previous editions, there are mainly eight new highlights in the following aspects.

1、 Upgrade the platform based exhibition strategy to help enterprises showcase their strongest capabilities

This exhibition continues to upgrade its "platform based" exhibition strategy, committed to creating an international industrial ecosystem that integrates leading the development of the consumer electronics industry, innovative technology applications, global market exploration, and the creation and cultivation of well-known consumer electronics brands. It aims to explore market opportunities, promote innovation incubation, and achieve win-win cooperation for global consumer electronics enterprises. It is precisely because of the "platform effect" that the exhibition has attracted famous companies such as Haier, Hisense, Aucma, Ubisoft, JD.com, Huawei, etc. to set up brand exhibition areas, and also attracted manufacturers such as EMV, Mercedes Benz, DJI, etc. to bring their latest technological products together to present an international, diversified, and intelligent technology feast to the audience.

2、 Experience future smart life and create the most comprehensive themed exhibition area

The exhibition features a special "Smart Life Festival" themed exhibition area, with the theme of "Innovative Technology, Foresight the Future". It serves as a concentrated display and interactive experience area for 2018 SINOCES innovative technology products and smart IoT solutions, including four major experience areas: smart home, smart travel, smart entertainment, and smart health. Many start-up companies, including Cambrian, Yongyida, Shangxun Technology, Chuangxian Technology, Chupin, and Hard+, will showcase their latest products in the experience area. Among them, many companies will bring new robot products, such as Cambrian's companion robots, Xiaowu robots, and Xiaoelf's sweeping robots.

3、 Building a top-level big data forum to gather authoritative global experts

This exhibition will hold the International (Qingdao) Big Data Summit Forum at the same time, inviting industry experts to discuss the latest hot topics and development trends in big data. The theme of this forum will be "Data Driven Future - Innovation and Development under the Background of Conversion of New and Old Energy", inviting Professor, the "Father of German Industry 4.0" Professor Dr. Kai Mertins, Hermann Stoegmeier, Vice President of BMW Brilliance, Dr. Ling Zong, a scientist at IBM in the United States, and executives from domestic and foreign companies such as Haier, Hisense, and Alibaba attended. Among them, Professor Mertins is not only the founder of the Fraunhofer Institute Industrial Design and Production Technology (IPK), but also an advanced management expert, innovation management expert, Industry 4.0 expert, intellectual capital management expert, business operation mode expert, and international standard setting expert in science parks. He has multiple important identities and will bring the most diverse ideological collisions to the forum. The forum has confirmed the development of blockchain, shipping big data, and Sino German technology exchange and business. Among them, blockchain has become a hot topic in the industry in recent years, and the unique insights of forum guests are worth paying attention to.

4、 Promote independent research and development of enterprises, select the world's most innovative product technology

The 7th China International Consumer Electronics Leader Innovation Award selection event specially introduces globally open capital institutions, affirms innovative products that showcase industry trends and lead market trends, encourages enterprises to carry out independent innovation, guides enterprises to share market opportunities, and promotes enterprises to integrate into the Internet of Things world. The Leader Innovation Award, representing the highest level of research and development and the latest technological trends of annual consumer electronics new products, has become a key force in promoting innovative development in the industry after 6 years of practice. The award-winning enterprises and projects of the 7th "Leader Innovation Award" will receive industrial investment, product incubation resources and platforms provided by SINOCES and hard innovation cooperation, providing low-cost, convenient, and all factor open comprehensive entrepreneurship services for innovative products and enterprises.

5、 Leading smart environmental protection technology, new energy vehicles are coming strong

This exhibition is closely following the trend of market development, with a special exhibition area for future automobiles. Canada's EMV, BYD, and GAC will all showcase new energy vehicle products in the exhibition area. The world-renowned brand Mercedes Benz will also bring smart solar cars and the latest small RV. Among them, as a Canadian company invested and founded by the world's top body manufacturer Electra Meccanica, which participated in SINOCES for the first time, EMV will participate in the exhibition with its SOLO electric vehicle. SOLO, as the flagship product of EMV participating in SINOCES, is positioned as a zero emission single person short distance commuting vehicle. Due to its compact body, beautiful appearance, and small footprint, it will lead the new trend in the development of new energy vehicles. In addition, SAIC's new energy vehicle, Evcard, advocates the concept of green travel and will hold an event on site for new users to register and enjoy a 600 yuan discount coupon, as well as a two hour free use.

6、 Creating a human-machine competitive mode and promoting balanced vehicles to move internationally

As a green and environmentally friendly intelligent product that leads fashion, integrates commuting and sports, balance cars are increasingly popular among consumers. The China Balance Car Competition Qingdao Open has received widespread attention since its first launch in 2016. The third China Balance Car Competition in 2018 was a groundbreaking event that established individual and group performance competitions. At that time, it will bring an unprecedented visual feast of balance car competition to the audience, and provide a good stage for balance car manufacturers and enthusiasts to showcase their own strength, technology, artistry, stunts and other balance car cultures. At the same time, it will further promote the comprehensive entry of Chinese balance cars into the international market.

7、 Creating a scenario based living experience, with unmanned technology seizing the high point of intelligence

Unmanned technology is one of the most important trends in today's technological development, and countries such as military, commercial, and agricultural industries are increasingly relying on the efficiency and convenience brought by unmanned technology. This exhibition has attracted China's new retail leader JD.com and world-renowned drone manufacturer DJI to showcase their latest research achievements in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles in the industry. Like JD Smart Logistics's drones, unmanned warehouses, and unmanned vehicles, DJI's latest drone technology and products, Aucma will also showcase its independently developed autonomous driving technology in the brand exhibition area. In addition, the "Future Life" exhibition area also features the latest unmanned scenes such as unmanned communities, capsule apartments, unmanned cinemas, unmanned bookstores, unmanned toy stores, unmanned KTVs, etc., which will lead the audience to truly experience the unmanned future life.

8、 Realize new two-way interaction, and break through the single mode of real interaction

The times are constantly developing and advancing, and the functions of various types of exhibitions are gradually shifting from a single exhibition to a combination of exhibition and interaction. At this exhibition, Huawei innovatively uses real-life interaction to bring new ways of experience to the audience. Its "Mate Power Trend Play Store" set up in the exhibition area will use real-life interaction to bring products closer to the audience through interactive experiences such as bouncing ball interaction, image poetry&image home activity, VR interaction/mobile game challenge, M5 painting and coloring interaction. At the same time, one of the distinctive exhibition areas of the exhibition, the virtual reality exhibition area, will also enhance the participation of exhibition visitors through special experiences such as AR/VR, achieving immersive interaction between the exhibition and visitors.

The 2018 China International Consumer Electronics Expo (SINOCES) is a centralized display platform for the promotion and application of intelligent technology, as well as an important cutting-edge technology display and incubation platform in the industry. It gathers the most representative technologies and products of consumer electronics today, as well as highly influential awards and forums in the industry. This exhibition always adheres to the theme of "Creating and Enjoying the World of IoT", gathers industry hotspots, shares the era of IoT, and relies on new intelligent technology and interactive experience methods to create a unique intelligent technology feast. We hope to promote consumer electronics enterprises to push the highest end consumer electronics products and the most complete services to the global market, further promoting the upgrading and iteration of the global smart technology industry.

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