The Trend of Semiconductor Market in the 5G Era and New Development Trends in the Electronic Industry

The Trend of Semiconductor Market in the 5G Era and New Development Trends in the Electronic Industry

The "Semiconductor Trends and Electronic Industry Development Trends in the 5G Era" forum, hosted by Shenzhen Luguang Electronics, Shenzhen Shandong Electronics Special Committee, and Shenzhen Shandong Electronic Business School, was held on August 21, 2021 (Saturday) at 2 pm on time.


Members of the expert team of Shandong Electronics Special Committee attended the meeting, presided over by Yin Ninghua, Dean, Expert Consultant, and Senior Semiconductor Expert of Shandong Electronic Business School. They came from mechanical arm solution expert Song Tao, Ms. Zhang Xiaoning of ZTE, Senior Semiconductor Expert Yu Tao, Senior Semiconductor Expert Pan Dongping of Infrared Sensing Company, Senior Director Zhao Xinghua of Quanzhi Technology, Founder of Yuangu ASIC (Taiwan) Fu Zongmin, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Bronze Sword Technology Chen Xingxing, General Manager of Kaiwei Semiconductor R&D Center Tan Zaichao, and R&D Director Yuan Jixia of Jiantian Electronics Nearly 30 semiconductor electronics experts from Shenzhen Shandong Chamber of Commerce, including Li Shun, SVI (Thailand) Manufacturing, Yan Shunjie, Deputy Secretary General of Haoshang Group and E-commerce Chamber of Commerce, Han Yanxia, Co Founder of Songxi Technology Co., Ltd., Tan Yiguo, Chairman of Elephant Virtual Reality Technology and VR Association, Zhang Fu, Independent Analyst and Investor in the Semiconductor Industry, Dr. Ma Beiyan, Sincere Asset Management, Assistant Secretary General of the Internet of Things Association, Ms. Dai Xiaomin, Chairman of China Resources Commercial Holdings, Ms. Bai Zihan, Deputy General Manager of Wanhe Securities, and Comrade Wang Meng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Bay Entrepreneurship Square, gathered to discuss the semiconductor market trends and electronic industry development trends in the new era of 5G. Sha The participating guests of the Dragon Seminar activity gave enthusiastic speeches, presenting a variety of exciting events.

Finally, Mr. Zhu delivered an enthusiastic welcome speech on site, introducing the company's over 20 years of industry experience in power semiconductors, and introducing the planning and layout of the newly built 5G semiconductor packaging and testing industry park, which has the ability to scale and series packaging and testing, and continuously provides customers with high-quality product services and solutions.

He also briefly elaborated on the development of third-generation semiconductors.

Shandong Electronic Business School was officially established and its first course was successfully launched