Shandong Electronic Business School was officially established and its first course was successfully launched

Shandong Electronic Business School was officially established and its first course was successfully launched

As requested in the report of the fourth annual meeting of Shandong Electronics in 2017, in order to better serve the electronic member enterprises of Shandong people in Shenzhen, seek benefits for the majority of Shandong people, incubate and cultivate more excellent enterprises, facilitate member enterprises to conduct more effective and systematic employee training, elite team cultivation, and senior leadership further education, personalized courses can also be customized according to the needs of enterprises. With the strong support of Dean Jian, on June 17, 2018, the "Shandong Electronic Business School" jointly established by Shandong Electronics and Skyworth College was successfully launched and its first class was successfully concluded.

At the approaching of the Loong Boat Festival, one of the four traditional festivals of the Chinese nation, more than 60 entrepreneur students came to the spacious and bright classroom on the 13th floor of Skyworth Digital Building in Shiyan as scheduled. With everyone's blessing for the Dragon Boat Festival and heartfelt applause for Shandong E-Commerce College to be better and better, the first class of Shandong E-Commerce College officially began!

Introduction to the Organizational Structure of Shandong Electronic Business School
After nearly two months of careful preparation, Shandong University of Electronic Commerce has unanimously agreed to appoint Zhu Ligui, Vice President of Shenzhen Shandong Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Electronic Professional Committee of Shandong Chamber of Commerce, and President of Shenzhen Yimeng Cultural Development Promotion Association, as the Dean of the College. Jian Dayong, Dean of Shenzhen Skyworth College, will be Honorary Dean. Ms. Gao Bo, Vice President of Yishang Communication and Deputy Secretary General of Shandong Electronics, Bu Defa, Deputy General Manager of Skyworth Home Appliances Shenzhen Marketing, Yan Shunjie, Deputy Secretary General of Shandong Electronics, Song Xiansheng, Deputy Secretary General of Shandong Electronics, General Manager of Jirui Delong Electronics, Vice President of Weifang College Alumni Association Shenzhen Branch, Yang Leming, Chairman of Changrui Technology, Niu Liguo, and Deputy Secretary General of Shandong Electronics, Guo Wen, will be appointed as the Vice Secretary General of Shandong Electronics. Ms. Jing, Hu Hongsheng, Chairman of Shendun Information, Han Jinkui, Minister of External Relations Department of China Green Battery Alliance Shenzhen, and other units serve as Vice Presidents, Ms. Wu Xiaoqin from Skyworth College serves as the Director of the Academic Affairs Office.

Business School Cultural Philosophy
Mission: To serve member enterprises, share best practices, integrate value resources, and promote regional development;

Value proposition: Learning changes destiny, wisdom achieves dreams, platforms help development, and resources enhance value;

The event is divided into four themes
1、 Opening Ceremony of Business School and Dean's Message

At 11am, under the leadership of Ms. Gao Bo, Vice Dean of Shandong Electronic Business School, Zhu Ligui, Dean of Shandong Electronic Business School, Jian Dayong, Honorary Dean of Shandong Electronic Business School, Liu Fazheng, Vice President of Shandong Electronics, Ma Shoujun, Vice President of Shandong Electronics, Li Zhengwen, President of Shenzhen Liaocheng Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Liu Ying, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Liaocheng Chamber of Commerce, Liu Qibing, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Heze Chamber of Commerce, Fan Changjun, Secretary General of Shenzhen Gaomi Chamber of Commerce, and Li Haitao, Secretary General of Shenzhen Tancheng Chamber of Commerce, jointly unveiled the plaque for the School of Business, marking the beginning of the School's service to Shandong Electronics and entrepreneurs from all walks of life in society. We look forward to more students achieving success, applying what they have learned, and serving society. Dedicated to this era.

Dean Zhu, who had just returned from his inspection trip to the United States, disregarded the physical exhaustion caused by the huge time difference and rushed to the college to attend the unveiling ceremony without stopping. He hoped that students would come here to learn with an empty cup mentality. The competition of enterprises is ultimately the competition of talents. Through learning, training, cultivation, and communication, the goal of selecting, educating, and retaining talents can be achieved. At the same time, entrepreneurs also need to grow and improve themselves.

2、 The significance and planning of the establishment of a business school

President Jian talked about the significance of the establishment of a business school in terms of personal cultivation, as well as the long-term development of enterprises. It is even a great undertaking that benefits the country and the people, and has immeasurable merits. The college has 5 years of faculty resources, and in addition to rich course planning and complete supporting facilities, new courses can also be added based on the actual needs of enterprises, making the training content more comprehensive and diverse.

3、 First class
Dean Jian has been at Skyworth for 16 years and has 10 years of sales experience. Having both rich experience in the battlefield and a profound cultivation of traditional Chinese culture. Enterprises, like people, also need to ask "Who am I?", "Where do I come from?", "Where are I going?", "How are I going?", "Who are I going with?".

The development of a company consists of three parts: "solving the fruit, solving the fate, and solving the cause." The classic and deeply ingrained words that only by thinking about others can you succeed have won thunderous applause. Dean Zhu specifically mentioned that people do not like to be educated, but they need to be reminded that only continuous self reflection and self reflection can step by step towards the door of success. Perhaps a short sentence in a class can make people enlightened or heart wrenching, and from then on, they can achieve enlightenment and benefit greatly.

4、 Course recommendations

There are many mature courses in the business school, and Ms. Wu Xiaoqin, the Dean of Academic Affairs of the business school, has recommended two courses to us:

1: Elite Manager Class

Includes 12 courses per year on management, psychology, nine personality types, and eloquence;

2: Wolf Training Camp

The cultivation of team cohesion, personal willpower, execution ability, and performance improvement in enterprises will all benefit greatly.

3: Other courses:

The college can customize courses such as "National Studies Applied Wisdom", "Women's School", "Youth Summer Camp", "Human Resources Training Class", "Marketing", etc. according to the development needs of member enterprises, or add other new courses.

Summary message
After a day of concluding all agendas according to the established plan and requirements, Dean Zhu made a final summary and made requirements for the later planning of the Business School, striving to build a first-class and practical enterprise school, and cultivate more talents and entrepreneurs for enterprises and society. Finally, everyone ended their learning with laughter and joy.

After finishing the study, Dean Zhu prepared a sumptuous dinner for the students, deepening their friendship through drinking and chatting.

Originally, life is not just about the present, but also about poetry and distant places!

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