Representing LuGuang Electronics to Challenge the Gobi Desert

Representing LuGuang Electronics to Challenge the Gobi Desert


I don't know why the desert and Gobi fascinate me?

I don't know why I have to move forward even though I know it's tough and bumpy?

I don't know why I have to accept challenges when life is so comfortable?

I don't know, why touch the pain in just a few decades of life?

Even sometimes, I don't know who I am? Where is my way back again?

With these questions in mind, a group of people set foot on the 108 kilometer challenge field of hiking in the desert

Challenge personal limits while searching for answers to life.

After walking in the desert, someone said, "I have my heart set on the desert. Yes, otherwise, why would the sisters and brothers who walked together get together in three or five days after coming back from the desert? The topic is still the dribs and drabs of the desert all day long... sisters and brothers who walked through the desert and gobi

As early as 2019, many friends invited me to participate in the Gobi Desert Hiking Challenge "Walking on the Ancient Business Road: Life Never Ends". At first, I really didn't feel much about this competition. Many friends who have participated have introduced me to this experiential cultural competition, which is aimed at elite individuals from various fields of society. The main purpose is to enhance the will of team members, promote integration and communication among team members, and showcase the style of team members. It is committed to building an outdoor social platform for social elites under a convergence of values. More than two thousand years ago, Zhang Qian carried a dream and hollowed out the Western Regions, creating a Silk Road that would spread national greatness and benefit the world; In the following years, countless hardworking and brave ancient Chinese people, with their actions, drew a harmonious picture of the prosperity of a great country and the health of small families on this road; In 627 AD, the great monk Xuanzang experienced an extremely difficult journey on his westward journey in Mohe Yanqi, North Silk Road. But in the end, he persevered and ultimately achieved the Buddha's fruit. And we will follow the footsteps of our ancestors to experience the selection of the 800 mile Han Sha section of the Silk Road, Mohe Yanqi Practice your dreams with your footsteps, fulfill your promises with your actions, and surpass yourself with persistence, achieving mutual prosperity for both individuals and teams, as well as for enterprises and brands.

In 2021, I finally mustered the courage to sign up and participate. Starting from crowdfunding, I am really sorry to trouble my friends and family around me. With the continuous encouragement of the organizing committee, I started to try and trouble everyone. Finally, the crowdfunding was successful! The process of crowdfunding begins with a challenging one In fact, the connection between people is also increased through mutual troubles and sustenance to enhance emotions Later on, many friends asked me about this matter and said that they had raised funds without seeing it posted on their social media. I am truly grateful for everyone's support and assistance, and the completion of crowdfunding has further increased the responsibility for shared prosperity.

Speaking of this challenge, I actually don't have much confidence. In Shenzhen, I have been busy with corporate affairs for the past 20 years. We are also very hardworking in the semiconductor industry, and there is endless work to do every day. Fortunately, I persisted in the Sunday WeChat Friendship Run for 6 years, and started to strengthen my training from the first month of the expedition. In my free time, I hiked 20 kilometers, slowly regaining some feelings and increasing a lot of confidence. I made a secret decision: I must respect my friends and family around me, and for this trust and mission, I must race well - be grateful!

On the morning of May 17, 2021, I woke up at 4 o'clock and looked at the children in each room. Seeing them sleeping soundly, I quietly packed my equipment and rushed to Bao'an Airport. After three transfers, I arrived at Dunhuang smoothly at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, waiting for the arrival of the captain of our "Li Yunlong Battalion" and other team members. On the afternoon of the 18th, finally all the team members arrived and began to collect equipment and try on team uniforms. It's funny that many of the equipment still doesn't know how to use, such as this sandbox. The battalion commander gathered each of our teams for a meeting with great enthusiasm. Therefore, this time we came, we came with the goal of winning the championship. Our slogan was "Meeting on a narrow path, the brave will win and never give up.". This challenge, I am the captain of Li Yunlong's 16th team. Our team has 4 goddesses and 6 boys, and we are basically friends who have known each other for many years. Of course, I am also from an uncle's generation. After everyone finished chatting, we immediately held the expedition ceremony. Driven by the warm atmosphere of the expedition ceremony, we felt that we were really going to fight.


On the morning of the 19th, we got up our gear. Today is the official day for us to go on the expedition. Amidst the cheers and laughter of the team members, the bus carried us all to the starting point of the competition - the statue of Xuanzang on his journey to the west. Due to heavy rain yesterday, the May morning in Dunhuang was still quite cold. We added a small amount of supplies at the starting point, and the overall commander summoned everyone to prepare for assembly, warm-up, mobilization, and marching, as well as taking an oath before departure. Finally, with a gunshot, all the participating team members set off with full passion

The first day is not a competition day, but a dream day (experience day), with a total distance of 26 kilometers. Due to the heavy rain on the 18th, Hetao was flooded, and the organizing committee drove us to the other side of the river. Due to crossing the river in batches, I was lagging behind. Most of our team members had already moved forward, and I started crossing the desert with the team flag to catch up with our teammates. For the next four days and three nights, there was no signal on the phone, and we had to endure the harsh conditions of being exposed to wind, food, and camping. We had to adapt to the four days of not being able to take a shower, and our team had to sleep in the same tent.


I started walking quite easily, laughing and enjoying the blue sky and blue clouds along the way. We crossed one guiding flag after another, walked from the desert to the Gobi, from the Gobi to the oasis, from the oasis to the desert, and this journey was really fresh because it was our first time in this environment. The blue sky in front of you is that kind of deep blue, so blue that words cannot describe it. The white clouds are mischievously wriggling in front of you, feeling very close to you. The ancients said "you can pick the stars with your hands", but I can pick the white clouds with your hands. The only plants you can see in the desert are "camel thorns". The vitality of camel thorns is so tenacious that it is beyond your imagination. It is everywhere, even if the exposed parts are all dry branches, the roots below are still vibrant. The only creatures that can be seen in the desert are "lizards", and the lizards here are also very interesting. As they walk, they suddenly jump up in front of you and startle themselves, but they are not afraid of you. They even look up at you with their small heads, and then run away disdainfully. Then, I saw another oasis, which looked really green from a distance. I don't know why there is still such an oasis in such a harsh environment. Perhaps it is giving hope to those who walk. Due to lack of experience as the team captain for the first time, our teammates walked a bit scattered and didn't take good care of them all the way. However, most of the team members still easily arrived at the Dalang Bay camp. Some of our teammates had blisters on their feet, and some were still quite tired. I focused on massaging and comforting a few teammates. After the Gobi buffet dinner, the organizing committee and the captain of the camp held a meeting to summarize and share internally.


On the 20th, the real competition day began, which was the theme action. The race covered a distance of 33 kilometers, passing through one-third of the hills, deserts, and Gobi along the way. At the campsite, the only sound that woke us up was the song "FLY" that kept playing in a loop. The music stopped, and hundreds of us engaged in a hiking style battle. The cruelty and blood of the scene could only be felt on the spot. I was the team leader, leading the way. When we crossed 23 guide flag points, we found many teammates behind us. As we walked, we used walkie talkies to talk to the teammates behind us, cheering everyone on. Our team of 16, who have better physical strength, are mostly in the middle of the team, and some teammates are still walking and stopping. I know that I am burdened with heavy responsibilities and have no time to care about the scenery on the roadside. I can only walk forward desperately, instructing the political commissar to take care of my teammates behind me. After rushing all the way, our three teammates arrived at the supply point and hurriedly turned to the supply before continuing their journey. The high temperatures in the desert can sometimes make you feel unconscious, but soon after, there will be a gust of wind blowing, which is cool on your body and can instantly wake you up.


In such an environment, relying on one's own perseverance to support oneself. Especially when I arrived at the 80th or so guide flag, I felt physically weak and my feet were a bit disobedient. My footsteps slowed down, but I didn't dare to stop for a moment. I remembered the instructions of my friends and the expectations of my family. I couldn't help but think of the songs "March of the People's Liberation Army of China" and "Ode to Yimeng" and sang them, "Moving forward... Mengshan is high and Yishui is long..." I remembered the spirit of the older generation of revolutionaries who fought hard, the speed of their rapid march, time is victory, and quickly increased their strength and began to accelerate their speed. Later, when I saw the distance of 3 kilometers from the destination and heard the song "FLY" from a distance, I knew the finish line was coming. Suddenly, there was strength, faster than before, and I quickly surpassed many teammates. The next day, at 33 kilometers, I spent 6 and a half hours reaching the final point - Leidunzi Camp. After a brief rest adjustment, go pick up your teammates from behind. After seeing the last three teammates, we hugged each other and cried. Finally, we all arrived at the finish line without any deserters, and there were two girls who achieved very good results. Everyone was the best. After returning to the camp, I saw their bloodstained feet, but they were still very strong in taking care of them. Soon, everyone showed the joy of victory.


The next day, just like the first day, was a team sharing event, with the organizing committee and the captain holding a summary meeting. At 9 o'clock in the evening, I collectively participated in the "Gratefulness and Love" sharing meeting. At an unexpected moment of gratitude, I saw the encouragement and blessings from the company team and my lovely little daughter. At that moment, I could no longer control my tears The gratitude in my heart cannot be expressed in words! After the gratitude meeting, everyone was still immersed in happy moments. Everyone was very tired and quickly fell into a deep sleep. That night, everyone slept deeply!


On the 21st, the second day of the competition - persist, the race distance is 30 kilometers, with one-third of each covering desert, Suo Suo Beach, and Shishan. Due to yesterday's match day, our team performed well overall, especially with the 15th team performing very well, surpassing the other teams by 15 minutes overall. Unless there are any special circumstances, winning the championship is not a problem. The pressure on our 16th team has also decreased significantly. Our main task is to lead our teammates to complete the game as a whole. We mobilize and encourage each other within our team. The team members who walked slowly a few days ago are asked to do their best to achieve good results as a way to thank their friends and family.

After we set off as a team, everyone was full of confidence in successfully completing our mission. We were all in the middle of the team and encouraged Zou Jianwu to be the first to bear the brunt. I walked with the team behind us. I am proud to share an inspirational example of this challenge with everyone: during the middle of the journey, I encountered Peng Yixi (Xige) from our team who had to rest when he reached 30 flags. He said he was too tired and couldn't fight like this. I learned that he had planned like this a few days ago, and I knew he had the ability to complete his mission excellently. I immediately mobilized him to persevere and not rest. On the way, I spoke a lot of encouragement to him, and finally reached the supply point at 55 flags. After a simple supply, I urged him to set off quickly. I followed him all the time, fearing that he would rest because I had to take care of the team behind him. Suddenly, I found out that the goddess from the previous two days had been walking very well. I and Xige Brother said, the beautiful woman in front is your target. You must keep up with her, and you will win. At this point, Xige immediately found his feelings, At 60 flag points, he finally caught up with 82 flag points. He overcame himself for the first time, surpassed a powerful goal, and finally rushed to the finish line at a speed beyond imagination, completing his first glory in life. In our final communication, he sighed and felt that he would have more confidence in developing his own business after returning home. If he was not satisfied, he led a team to challenge him!


On the second day of the competition, we had four female teammates who achieved excellent results beyond everyone's imagination. They also defeated themselves! Our three brothers, Han Qing, Gen Shui, and Ye Ping, braved the sandstorms of the desert and helped each other to reach the finish line. They defeated themselves.


That night, we held hands in the White Stone Camp, celebrating with joy. We held a Gobi Gala and a bonfire party, sharing everyone's success and joy.


On the 22nd, the last day at the camp is Triumph Day (co prosperity, co inclusiveness, co integration and co prosperity), covering a distance of 19 kilometers in the Gobi Desert. In order to see the most beautiful starry sky and sunrise. Wake up at 3:30 in the morning, have breakfast at 4 o'clock, and depart at 4:30. Everyone starts with a night light, and the captain of each team walks at the front. The team behind them and the team members use hiking sticks to pull each other, even in an environment where you can't see your fingers. Walking for 4 days, 3 nights, and 108 kilometers, we welcome the sunrise and dawn. On the last night (22nd) of the celebration banquet, our 14th and 16th teams won the team completion award "Shackleton Award" and individual medals, and most importantly, Li Yunlong's 15th team won their fourth consecutive championship.


Our hiking team this time consists of three battalions and more than 30 teams, with a large army of over 300 people. During the four-day and three night hiking process, everyone excelled in completing the competition. We are all warriors and have gained a lot. Both the team and individuals have fully demonstrated the Chinese spirit of unity, hard work, and the courage to fight hard. We are an invincible force.


In this challenge, we have done a great job in equipment and support work, which can be said to be 300 meters per post and 500 meters per sentry. Every support and medical staff member is very attentive, and we can hear cheers and cheers everywhere. For personal protection, I did a relatively poor job. I didn't bring the magic headscarf to my face, didn't use hiking sticks or other equipment, and didn't take sun protection and care measures, which resulted in my originally black skin becoming even darker. Many people are not familiar with me anymore


In today's world, it has become within reach, but also out of reach. Some people struggle, but they don't know what to do. Compared to so many people who want but dare not, take action but have no results, we are now standing at the starting line of success. At this moment, you need a hiking trip that you can take as you please. It's not for a grand goal, nor for a jealous look or admiration. But for yourself, living healthier and more carefree is the most tangible change that hiking can bring. Liking something usually doesn't require a reason. But hiking may give you some reasons.


But when you carry your backpack, you have to walk 30 to 40 kilometers every day. When you truly challenge yourself, success will give you a sense of achievement that you have never experienced before. When you walk 50 kilometers and have blisters on your feet, you will feel more fulfilled. Why? Because true sense of achievement is the enjoyment of achieving goals in painful struggles. You may not be able to challenge high mountains, you may not have the energy to dive, but you can definitely go hiking because hiking is an innate ability that you can start at any time. After all, on the road, you can truly feel the feeling of being embraced by nature. When you are troubled, looking at this beautiful scenery, all your troubles are forgotten. When you feel lost, looking at the towering mountains, your passion will burn again. When you are sad, listening to a piece of music woven by nature makes you feel like there's nothing in the world that can't be put down? (The above two paragraphs are excerpted from a partial speech by Wan Lingli, a member of the 15th team's Ge team.)


A person's life cannot have only one color, we must learn to steadfastly walk every step of the way well; In this lifetime, one must walk a lonely journey, listen to their inner voice, and learn to communicate with themselves; Because only in this way will it tell you and tell you the life you want. Never complain about what has already happened, either change it or accept it quietly. Please believe that after enduring these difficult days, when you lift your head, there will definitely be a brilliant day. (excerpted from Sun Jinfan, a Ge friend of Yimeng Blooming Team)

Difficult to travel, difficult to travel, many wrong paths, where are you today? I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea.

I dedicate this article to my dear family and friends

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