On March 8th, the Goddess's Day of Luguang Electronics, be the most beautiful woman

On March 8th, the Goddess's Day of Luguang Electronics, be the most beautiful woman

The Origin of Women's Day

It has been over a hundred years since the March 8, 1909 labor women's strike march in Chicago, USA, to the 21st century. In different regions, the focus of celebration varies, from ordinary celebrations of respect and love for women to celebrating women's achievements in the economic, political, and social fields. Due to the fact that this festival was initially a political event initiated by socialist feminists, it has integrated with the cultures of many countries, mainly in Europe, including Russia.

In the third month of the human world, when the peach blossoms are in full bloom, there is a festival specifically designed for women - Women's Day? no We all celebrate Goddess's Day!

What is a goddess? What is a goddess?

Woman, in your laughter lies the music of the Fountain of Life - Tagore

The Role of Women
Every woman may play multiple roles: mother, wife, daughter, female classmate, female boss, girlfriend, best friend, cute girl, female man, queen... What remains unchanged is facing various problems, they are brave and proud, more and more powerful, they are calm and elegant. And in their own world, she is a shining female protagonist, a brave and splendid queen!

On March 8th, your biggest day!
On this special holiday, if we were to discuss which company favors female colleagues the most, the editor had to force a favor on our company. On the day of Goddess's Day, the company prepared a pot of hyacinths for each goddess.

Hyacinth, also known as Western narcissus. Its flower language is "victory, competition, joy, love, happiness, affection, admiration, stubbornness, life, pride, and eternal remembrance".

Different colored hyacinths have different floral expressions



May our goddesses be as beautiful and meaningful as hyacinths.

As a foodie, besides having gifts, what's even more important is undoubtedly delicious food! After finishing this, I will start losing weight tomorrow, really! (serious face)

On this holiday that belongs to every girl, let's say: Dear goddesses, happy holiday!

Luguang Electronics is invited to attend the 30th anniversary celebration of Skyworth's establishment