Luguang Electronics Successfully Conducted Seaside Expansion Training Activities

Luguang Electronics Successfully Conducted Seaside Expansion Training Activities

In order to further enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, establish a team spirit and overall awareness of mutual support and cooperation, activate the body and mind, release work pressure, and form a positive and upward team atmosphere, from August 18th to August 19th, Luguang Electronics organized all members and their families to carry out a two-day and one night seaside expansion training activity titled "Sailing a Harmonious Team and Casting a Luguang Enterprise Ship".


The entire expansion training is mainly divided into three activity contents:

1. Beach team activities, including tug of war, balloon race, throwing handkerchiefs, and feeling blind

2. Self service barbecue

3. KTV activities

Singing and laughing all the way, we set off


On the bus of the journey, the versatile employees of Lu Guang performed singing, dancing, recitation and other programs. The following idiom relay activity not only helps to understand and accumulate traditional Chinese culture, but also tests personal reaction and memory abilities. Amidst the laughter and cheers, they have long forgotten the fatigue caused by the fatigue of the journey.

Friendship first, competition second

After arriving at the destination beach, under the guidance of the host, in order to liven up the atmosphere and mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, the host prepared a game segment, and all personnel were divided into two groups, A and B, to compete in groups.

The first game to play is tug of war. The losing side needs to massage the winning side for five minutes. Everyone is working hard and rubbing their hands, and each member of the competition is treated with twelve points of seriousness. This game stage tests the team's coordination ability. Only by keeping a consistent pace and moving forward and backward together can we win the game. The game is full of ups and downs, and tourists on the beach also join in cheering and cheering.


The second activity is a two person balloon carrying activity, which also tests everyone's coordination ability. It is important to control body balance and movement speed while ensuring that the balloon does not fall to the ground. Everyone has a great time playing and the atmosphere is extremely cheerful.


The third one is playing the game of throwing handkerchiefs. All the adults and children form a big circle to play together, accompanied by joyful nursery rhymes and rhythm, as if returning to childhood.


The last game is blind, allowing only three touches to guess the other person's identity. This is also a memory testing game, including observing and understanding colleagues in daily life.  

The rooftop self-service barbecue activity is where everyone is a culinary expert

After the beach activity, everyone came to the rooftop of the homestay hotel to process the purchased barbecue ingredients. Although the process of washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, seasoning, and grilling meat was very complicated, everyone actively participated in all the processes, each performing their own duties with clear division of labor. Through these small details, it can also be seen that everyone takes work and life very seriously and systematically.

The adorable Chairman Zhu and the client Mr. Dong took the initiative to take the lead and become BBQ BBQ masters, working together to create more barbecue delicacies for everyone.

Cheers and laughter lingered in the smoke of the kitchen, accompanied by the sound of wonderful music. Everyone ate delicious homemade food, drank refreshing beer, and talked about interesting things they encountered in their work and life. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy, and the joy was harmonious.


After the barbecue event, it will be the highlight of this expansion activity - the company has carefully prepared a mysterious VCR blessing event for the birthday stars born in August.

At the beginning of the event planning, Ms. Chen contacted the family members of the birthday stars. Firstly, on behalf of the company, she expressed gratitude to the family members of the birthday stars for their diligent dedication to the company. She also invited the family members to record a VCR video in advance.

When these videos of blessings for family, loved ones, and friends appeared on the big screen, the birthday stars shed touching tears and said it would be a lifetime unforgettable birthday. Accompanied by a warm birthday greeting song, the event entered its climax.


On the way home, sing positive energy with songs, always accompany!

On the next day's return bus, everyone was still unsatisfied. Chairman Zhu led everyone to sing along the way, and in the end, everyone collectively sang the company's theme song, which was also the song of Shenzhen and Shandong Electronics - "Xin Xing Tian Xia".

The song "Xin Xing Tian Xia" was written by Mr. Fang Qian, the Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Musicians Association and a famous lyricist. It has won the Lu Xun Literature and Art Award, and was composed by Mr. Lian Xiangxian, a famous young composer. The famous musician and inspirational singer, Mr. Wang Ruhua, sang it. The entire song is full of momentum, breaking through clouds and stones. The lyrics partially promote the positive energy thinking that no matter where you go or do anything in today's society, you must abide by integrity and build friends around the world with love and righteousness. This is in line with the corporate culture of Lu Guang Electronics.

Happy times are always short, but through this activity, the courage and confidence of employees have been effectively enhanced, and the sense of unity and cooperation among employees has been enhanced. At the same time, through mutual communication and learning, everyone has realized the importance of mutual trust, teamwork, and innovation. It will undoubtedly play a positive role in improving the efficiency of the company's work, enhancing communication and coordination among departments, and enhancing execution. I believe that through everyone's concerted efforts, the grand goal of "Lu Guang Lu Guang, Global Luminescence" can be achieved!

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