LGE Electronics Attends IMS Microwave Show in Boston, USA

LGE Electronics Attends IMS Microwave Show in Boston, USA

On June 4-6, 2019, IMS held the IMS Microwave Technology Exhibition in Boston, USA. It is known as the world's largest gathering place for RF and microwave professionals, as well as the birthplace of the latest academic research and technological products in the microwave field. The microwave seminar held simultaneously with the exhibition is hosted by the Microwave Theory and Technology Branch of the International Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The IMS Microwave Technology Exhibition is a conference and exhibition primarily focused on microwave/millimeter wave/terahertz, antenna, radar, and wireless communication technologies, bringing together innovative cutting-edge and leading technology companies, as well as several heavyweight guest forums.

At this exhibition, LGE focused on microwave RF technology and 5G communication, showcasing high-frequency low-power diodes, high-frequency RF transistors, lightning protection semiconductor devices, and seeking cooperation in third-generation potassium nitride semiconductor materials and device technology. Through this exhibition, we will learn more about cutting-edge technologies, meet more industry technology experts, and have more opportunities to showcase LGE's global layout. 

During the pre - and post exhibition period, Sun Yongming, the leader of Yaze Exhibition, carefully arranged a variety of visiting and learning activities, including visiting Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United Nations Headquarters, Wall Street, and the National Museum of the United States. The entire exhibition, observation, and inspection activities were very successful, and the small interruptions during the process were insignificant. Most importantly, we successfully completed the American Microwave Week, and everyone gained a lot. Finally, we safely arrived in China on the 10th.

Luguang Electronics was invited to participate in the activities of 11 provincial and regional chambers of commerce in Rizhao, China