Interview with "Shenzhen's footsteps - the 40th anniversary of the Special Economic Zone in the eyes of 40 Shenzhen residents"

Interview with "Shenzhen's footsteps - the 40th anniversary of the Special Economic Zone in the eyes of 40 Shenzhen residents"

Recently, Shenzhen Yimeng Culture Development Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as "Culture Promotion Association"), Shenzhen Luguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Zhu Ligui accepted the mass newspaper group "Shenzhen's footsteps ---- 40 Shenzhen people in the eyes of the 40th anniversary of the special administrative region". The theme of the character interview.

First of all, Mr. Zhu answered the reporter's question about the original intention of establishing the Association for the Promotion of Culture. No matter in Shenzhen or overseas, Mr. Zhu has been passing the spirit of Yimeng to everyone around him for more than ten years, but the power of an individual is still limited, and mobilizing more people to carry forward and pass on the spirit of Yimeng has always been Mr. Zhu's vision.

On November 25, 2013, President Xi made a new instruction and positioning of the Yimeng Spirit in Linyi, marking that the Yimeng Spirit is no longer just the spirit of Linyi people, the spirit of Shandong people, but also the valuable spiritual wealth of the Party and the country.

President Xi's instruction encouraged Mr. Zhu, and with the great help of Shenzhen Social Organizations Joint Party Committee, Linyi Mobile Party Committee in Guangdong and people from all walks of life, the Shenzhen Yimeng Culture Development Promotion Association was established on June 19, 2018, and the Yimeng Spirit Exhibition Hall of the Association has held a lot of activities on red culture exchange and red party building, which has also been highly praised and affirmed by all walks of life.

Mr. Zhu talked about his pancake complex with great interest. He has been living in Shenzhen for many years, but his habit of eating pancakes remains unchanged, no matter in Shenzhen or Shandong or overseas, he can't leave a pancake full of strong hometown flavor.

It is also through this small pancake, so that more Shandong people gathered in a team, simple, generous, honest, hard-working excellent character, "Shenzhen + Luguang speed" fast, quality service, so that enterprises have won the recognition and trust of many customers.

Shenzhen as a young city, there are a large number of innovative and hard-working talents, with unique entrepreneurial advantages.

Luminous Electronics and Cultural Promotion Association will continue to actively through the platform of the Chamber of Commerce, the advanced concepts and successful experience of Shenzhen to the hometown, especially Linyi City, sent 50 young cadres to Shenzhen outstanding enterprises for practical training, can be better Shenzhen's advanced experience and Linyi's spirit of practical work to the hometown of the construction of a better combination of.

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