Development Zone Observation into the Luguang Electronics

Development Zone Observation into the Luguang Electronics

January 5, the development zone held a key project observation meeting to promote activities, the key enterprise project construction results were concentrated on display. District party secretary Ge, the party office of Minister Wang with the heads of functional departments and other district leaders visited the site to observe.

First of all, Luguang Electronics explainer to the leaders of the introduction of Luguang Electronics and the development of the course of the introduction.

Luguang Electronics Chairman Zhu Ligui on the development of semiconductor devices and the development trend of the third generation of semiconductors made a detailed introduction, and to the Secretary and the functional departments of the leadership of the report on Luguang Electronics in recent years, as well as the next step in the direction of development of enterprises.

Subsequently, Mr. Zhang Qiling, vice general manager of Luguang Electronics, led a site visit and reported in detail the history of the new project from the investment and construction to the full automation equipment upgrading, introducing the production process of each workshop one by one.

Thank you for the leadership of the region's strong support and trust in Luguang Electronics, red heart solid foundation, science and technology to strengthen the foundation, culture to help, we will not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, for the high-quality development of Rizhao City to make new contributions.

2023 New Year's Eve ~ Luguang Electronics ~ Great Start! Great success!