Chairman's Speech at the 20th Anniversary Celebration Appreciation Meeting of Luguang Electronics and Rizhao New Generation Information Technology Industry Chain Summit Forum

Chairman's Speech at the 20th Anniversary Celebration Appreciation Meeting of Luguang Electronics and Rizhao New Generation Information Technology Industry Chain Summit Forum

Honorable leaders, guests, comrades, friends:

        First of all, thanks to the trust of the municipal government of Rizhao, hosted by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Federation of Industry and Commerce, our company to prepare for this conference, after the meeting time to determine good ah, just with more than 20 days of time, that's even more grateful to academicians, experts, semiconductor chain, industry friends, entrepreneurs, my long-standing support and help, because tomorrow is the first of May holiday, thanks to all of you to participate in the event in the busy schedule of ah! Thank you for the words do not say more, two words "gratitude", here to everyone's arrival ah to express my heartfelt thanks!

        The spring colors urge people as promised to, sitting on the blue sea to compete with the Yan. In this spring, everything competing in the beautiful season, we meet in the city of the Oriental Sun - Rizhao, held a grand "LU Optoelectronics 20th Anniversary Celebration Appreciation Conference and Rizhao New Generation Information Technology Industry Chain Summit Forum". In this joyful day, the elite role models are full of friends, new friends and old friends together, here, on behalf of Luguang Electronics, on behalf of the busy schedule to come to all the experts, leaders and guests to express a warm welcome! To the long-term care and support for the development of Luguang leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life to express my heartfelt thanks! Sincere congratulations on the organization of the event!

        20 years in the same boat through thick and thin, 20 years side by side and hand in hand, 20 years of heartfelt management, 20 years of carrying the dream. Luguang has grown from a toddler to a vigorous young man. There is no generation after generation of "Luguang people" passionate and innovative hard work, no leadership at all levels of strong support, no new and old customers and partners of love, there is no Luguang today. (In order to support the construction of hometown, Luguang Electronics as the first batch of Shenzhen to return to their hometowns to start their own businesses, in 2009, rooted in Rizhao, Rizhao Municipal Government, thanks to the care and support of the municipal government of Rizhao municipal leaders at all levels.) At this moment, please allow me, as the chairman of the company, with a grateful heart, to the government, colleagues and friends who have given us care, help and care over the past 20 years to express deep gratitude once again! At the same time, we also express our deep condolences and heartfelt thanks to the old and new employees who have worked and are working for Luguang and dedicated to Luguang!

        Looking back on 20 years, we "Luguang people" with tenacity and firm belief, footsteps on the ground, pioneering and enterprising, step by step over. After 20 years of development, we have made brilliant achievements: from a few people in the early stage of business development to more than 200 people now; from the initial industry and trade enterprises, development to the current large-scale production of intellectual property; from the production of diodes, to the production of more than 10,000 kinds of semiconductor devices, such as MOS, IGBT, SIC, etc.; from a small number of customers to the development of the world's more than 100 countries and regions; from the creation of brands to the development of brand, with the world's first-tier brands of customers, and the development of the brand. development, we have orders from global first-tier brand customers. "The wind is blowing, the wind is sailing", today's Luguang, with the perseverance, the courage of reform and innovation and the spirit of being down-to-earth, is cultivating this piece of hot soil under its feet, walking on the road of the rise of China's semiconductor.

        However, in the face of achievements, we have never had a sense of superiority and pride, only a sense of crisis and urgency. In the face of the impact of the epidemic, the semiconductor cycle downturn, unstable international trade relations, the long trade tug-of-war and the United States initiated a "small circle" alliance, is the sustainable development of China's semiconductor industry has brought great challenges, we must realize the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In this fast-changing information society, only the fearful can survive. Every manager needs to wake up, re-examine and adjust their own management thinking and management style, to be a truly useful talent for the current situation. In front of us there are still countless difficulties to be overcome and more new challenges. In the long river of years, 20 years is just a wave, for the development of the enterprise is like rowing against the current, not to advance is to retreat. Today's Luguang, we still need to deal with full of passion, we have a solid foundation, we hold fast to our beliefs and dreams, 20 years, Luguang has completed countless metamorphosis, however, what has changed is only the time and the number of changes, and what remains unchanged is the principles and beliefs in our hearts.

        The past is history, hope in the future! Today, we will start a new journey of Luguang, we usher in a new round of development - the completion of Rizhao 5G communication packaging and testing industrial park, the opening of the third generation of semiconductor intellectual spring, will bring a new leap and take off, to realize the enterprise and the staff, and partners to seek common development to provide a broader stage.

        Today is our common birthday and an event belonging to all of us, the pulse of Luguang will beat the strongest note. We believe that after 20 years, more new friends and old friends will gather together to witness Luguang's takeoff and dream! I believe that after drinking our thanksgiving and celebratory wine today, "Luguang people" will turn around and travel through wind and rain again! Wish you all the best, bless Luguang, and wish us all the best to realize our dreams! Originated from semiconductors, beautiful new life, with the heart of wisdom, so that employees happy life, so that the user to use assured that we are always relentless in the pursuit of!

        Finally, once again, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you, and wish you all good physical and mental health, smooth work, and all the best! I wish today's activities a complete success!

       Thank you all!

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