Chairman's Speech at IOTE2023 - AIOT Intelligent Sensing and Embedded Technology Forum

Chairman's Speech at IOTE2023 - AIOT Intelligent Sensing and Embedded Technology Forum

        Dear organizers of the Internet of Things, experts, friends and industry players, hello!

        I am Zhu Ligui, the organizer of this forum - Shenzhen Shandong Chamber of Commerce Electronic Information Professional Committee, Shenzhen Luguang Electronics Technology Co.

        IOTE2023 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition Shenzhen - Shenzhen, today in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center Bao'an 9, 10, 11 Hall, bringing together more than 600 exhibitors from around the world, more than 130,000 from the industry, logistics, infrastructure, smart cities, smart areas of professional integrators, end-users to visit the exhibition.

        The "new infrastructure" for the development of the Internet of Things to lay a solid foundation, "internal and external double cycle" released by the demand for the development of the Internet of Things has become the most fertile soil, trillion-dollar market is no longer a slogan, nuggets of the Internet of Things at the right time. In this Internet of Things industry development "golden period", more need IOTE Shenzhen Internet of Things Exhibition gather Internet of Things industry resources, accurate and effective resource docking, the organizers carefully organized more than 20 professional summit forum. We are now in Hall 9, Site 1, I will host the AIot Intelligent Sensing and Embedded Technology Forum. Thank you very much for the organizers to trust our Chamber of Commerce to organize and host this summit forum, to all the experts, friends, listeners, gentlemen and ladies to express my heartfelt thanks!

      Now I would like to briefly introduce the Chamber and my personal situation.

         Shenzhen Shandong Chamber of Commerce was established in August 2012, has now developed into a 4A level chamber of commerce in Shenzhen with more than 1,000 members, the chamber has 9 liaison offices, 13 professional committees, including the electronic information professional committee is the largest branch of our chamber of commerce, so far, has been successfully held 9 sessions of the annual meeting of the electronic thousand, we are about to hold the 10th annual meeting of the electronic on December 16th. Under the guidance and leadership of Shandong Chamber of Commerce, excellent technology enterprises such as Huabao New Energy, Yuezhi Technology, Huaxia Hengtai, Luguang Electronics, Kemin Sensing, Jingkexin, Fulang Electronics, Huasheng Charging Pile, Gaochuan Automation, Youtai Information Technology, Zhiqiankun Technology and so on have emerged.

  Our expert, Mr. Yin Huoning, is the head of our electronic expert group, and we would like to thank Mr. Yin for his long-term support and love for me.


         I am from Linyi, Shandong, since 1995 to work in Shandong Linyi semiconductor factory worked for 8 years, has been engaged in piezoelectric ceramics, quartz crystal oscillator, diode technology, manufacturing and sales, so far in the field of electronic components has been 29 years. Luguang Electronics was founded in 2002, so far has been 21 years, in this nearly 30 years of time has experienced component upgrading, innovation, from the color TV localization alternative to the current international big brand alternative to experience countless challenges, at present our Luguang Electronics business in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The accelerated metamorphosis of the localization process, is the responsibility and commitment of each of our domestic workers.

         Today we gather together to host this forum is of great significance, I hope that through the forum accurate and efficient resource docking, I wish this forum a complete success!

Thank you all!


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